Some of our pictures!
Delightful Darlings Rabbitry
Bentley looks like he stuck his paw into a socket!!
Shelby says...
"Do you think they can see me?"
And you think you had a bad day?? Were you
flipped over & poked by a judge??
Do you have any ears under all of
that fur??
Shelby wants to know if she looks pretty :)
After all of that hopping...
I am too tired to drink!
You put your left
foot in... You take
your left foot out...
You do the Hokey
Leonardo the Lynx as a baby he is just too cute!
This is Freckles our kitten!
...Is this my
good side?
...Oh brother this is
going to take forever
isn't it?
...or is this my good
we just
get this
Ok we did it, now where's the cat nip you promised?
Pandy & Bentley's Kits Born 11/22/08
They share the nest box with 1 Holland kit!
Princess & Imar's Kit born 11/23/08 Only 1 kit survived! Pandy fostered
this little one! This little one is in the nest box with 2 lionheads kits!
Santa's Little helpers!
Your a Tortoise Shell too? ...
Well you have long ears!!!
Well You have a long tail so I guess were
even... Right?
"He went thataway!!"
Preparing for take off....
And we have lift off!!!!
3 peas in a pod plus 1 tort!
Jingles at PaSRBA for Best 6
class. The judge loved him &
said it was so close! He had
Jingles out 3 times!
Cuteness factor, 1,000,000!!!
I hope I don't trip
on my ears!
Merlin is living with a
young man making him happy!
He is living with Marisol, we miss this
sweet boy!

Marisol was our
1st home grown
BOS Winner!
L&R Sylvia changed our herd! Thanks
to Linda & Ron! She goes back to so
many on our pedigrees. We sold her to
help a new breeder with her herd!
Cal was so
special, his 1st
show he was
mention BIS by
Roger Cota
(RIP Roger)  He
love him! This
picture does
him no justice,
that was his 1st
& last show. He
passed away
unexpectedly :(
GC Dan's Wilbur is living in North
Jersey. He sired many of our best:
Topaz, Marisol, Classy, Smiles, Petunia
& more!
in CA
he was
our 1st
Ernie is
Sire! Love
his bone!
Adan sired
many of  
Reggie a
multi BIS
winner! He
is living in
Delightful's Smiles as a baby =)
Baby Duke =)
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Our old logo
Our 1st litter of elops from left to right:
Snoopy,   Daisy,   Lucy    & Pluto
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