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Delightful Darlings Rabbitry
Club standings listed below
2008-2009 Sweepstakes points
Lop Club Of America - English Lops
This sweeps was from 7/1/08 to 6/30/09 Our 1st show with Mr Jingles was 2/7/09 so this was all in 4 months time:

6th place in the nation
1st place in zone
RBB's Mr Jingles is # 2 top lop!!!
Poole's Bear # 9
Bear only had 2 months of sweeps points to count as we got bear in 5/09
RBB's Jacques # 34 in 3 months!
Poole's Jar-Jar # 70 only attending 1 show!
Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club
Final Results are in!!

# 10 in the nation
# 13 for quality points in the nation
# 9 for Herdsman points in the nation

Top Lops:
#24 DTO Delightful's Topaz
# 63 D54 Dan's Wilbur

# 2 for Zone 9 Sweeps Points
# 4 for Zone 9 Quality points

Sadly not all of Lauren's points were counted as the sweeps chair passed away.
She actually had 14 Herdsman points & More quality points that were not accounted for.
This was Lauren's 1st sweeps year with the club.
North American Lionhead Club
1st place in the nation!
1st place Zone

Color Contest
1st Black
1st Blue
1st Smoked Pearl
1st Tort Black
1st Tort Blue
1st Siamese Sable
4 th Sable Point
Northeast Lionhead Rabbit Club
1st place
2009-2010 Sweepstakes points
English Lop
July 2009 to June 2010

# 1 in the nation
# 1 in our district

#1 top lop Delightful's Pluto
#2 RBB's Mr Jingles
#5 Poole's JarJar
#7 Rascal
#8 RBB's Jessabelle
#12 Poole's Bear, #13 RBB's Jacques, #24 Delightful's Tia, # 26 Delightful's Sabastian,
#44 Delightful's Snoopy, # 48 Conlinson's Belle, #49 Poole's Je t'Aime
Holland Lop
Jan 2010-Dec 2010

# 3 in Quality Points
# 3 in Over All Points
# 2 in Herdsman Points
# 1 in District Quality Points
# 2 in District Overall

Delightful's Reggie #20 top lop
Delightful's Lilah #24 top lop
L&R's Kittywick #27 top lop
# 8th in OPEN Quality points in our district with only showing in 9 open shows!
2010-2011 Sweepstakes points
English Lop
July 2010 to June 2011

# 1 in the nation
# 1 in our district


#1 Delightful's Tia
#2 Delightul's Sabastian
#3 Delightful's Theodore
#6 Delightful's Ursulina
Jan 2011-Dec 2011
With only 2  shows plus convention, joined in September
#2 in the nation!
Holland Lop
Jan 2011-Dec 2011

Still waiting on results due in March.
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Double BIS & 1 RIS at the NC Convention with Delightful's True Religion!! 3/10-3/11/12


PaSRBA Only attended Sat & only showed youth this year because Lauren was alone & had no help going from room to room. 2/4/12

BOB & BOS American Fuzzy Lop - Brian's Zejo was BOB & Stacy's Ada BOS (we only entered 2!!)
BOB & BOS English Lop - Delightful's True Religion was BOB & Delightful's Valentio was BOS, Delightful's Vera Bradely was BOSV Solid
BOB & BOS Lilac - Only entered 2! BOB was Sheets Pudding & BOS Sheets Prince
Hollands were in the top 5 & Rhinelanders were in the top 5


Westbrook, Maine 1/15/12 Results

OPEN BRIS with Delightful's True Religion in show A
YOUTH BRIS with Delightful's Valentio in show A
YOUTH BEST IN SHOW!!!! With Delightul's Valentio show B
YOUTH BEST IN SHOW!!!! With Delightful's Valentio show C

True Religion & Valentio are littermates! Both won their class at convention & both just turned intermediate!

Other winners
Open show A B C True Religion was BOB
Open show A B C Delightful's Pluto was BOS
BOB show A B C Fuzzy Lop with Brian's Zejo
BOB show A B C Lilac with Sheet's Prince
BOB show A B C Rhinelander with Travis' Rocket
BOB show A TF Killer & he was Honorable mention for BIS!!!!! He was BOV show C too!!


Rochester, NY 1/8/12

BRIS with Brian's Zejo!!
BOB with TF Killer & he was honorable mention for BIS
BOB with Sheet's Prince who was also honorable mention for BIS
BOB with Lorena's Amelia
BOB & BEST IN SHOW with Silvertone's Ice Princess show by Tia!!! Way to go Tia!!!!


Richmond, VA 12/10/11

BEST IN SHOW with Brian's Zejo!!! He was Honorable mention show B!
BOB Delightful's Reggie show A Holland
BOB Delightful's Killian show B Holland
BOB Sheet's Prince & Honorable mention for BIS
BOB & BOS english lop OPEN with Tia & Whatchamacallit
BOB & BOS youth english lops with 4 different ones!