Our Sales Policy...
Delightful Darlings Rabbitry
First a note to buyers:

1. Any of Delightful Darlings Rabbits will go home with a care package consisting of: Food to
transition to your choice of food, timothy hay and bunny treats!
2. All of Delightful Darlings rabbits are raised by a youth breeder. They are all handled from
the day they are born!
3. If you purchased a rabbit from us, we will be available via email any time for questions.

Sales Policy:

1. We do not sell rabbits under the age of 8 weeks. (Most are sold at 3-5 months)
2. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a rabbit. Once a rabbit is on hold the buyer
has 2 weeks to pick up the rabbit unless other agreements are made, or the deposit will be
lost.  All deposits are made via *Pay Pal, Cash or Money Order. *Pay Pal must be done as a
gift/personal payment.
3. We reserve all rights to stop a sale and/or cancel at any time and for any reason. If "we"
cancel a sale, this is the ONLY time we will offer a refund for any payments that had been
made previously.

Health guarantee:

We guarantee that the rabbit is healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.  We
cannot guarantee that the rabbit will not pick up an illness, ailment or injury during its

Any evidence of abuse, neglect, improper diet, heat stroke, failure to follow feeding
instructions, physical accidents, rabbits housed with other rabbits, death or injury caused by
other animals as determined by my veterinarian (at buyers expense) will render this guarantee

We will not promise rabbits personality (as they grow up as they are animals and can change),
fertility, promise of wins or successful production. We cannot guarantee what a junior will
look like as a senior nor can we guarantee how well a rabbit will place on the show table.

We will not be held responsible for any veterinary or medical expenses. Once the animal
leaves the Rabbitry we guarantee the health of the animal for one week.  If death occurs, proof
of death will be required. Rabbits that become ill or die must be returned for replacement. The
replacement will be an equal replacement. You must take the rabbit of replacement regardless
of color within 7 days or no further replacements will be made unless a prior agreement has
been made. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!! No vet bills will be
reimbursed, under any circumstances!!

We reserve all rights to change prices according to development, age, and breeding abilities.
We also reserve the right to change our minds if a rabbit is on hold & keep the rabbit because
we like the way it is maturing. If we change our minds any refund will be returned.

You are fully responsible for checking the rabbit from head to toe at the time you picked up
the rabbit. If this is not done and later a problem is found, no replacements or refunds will be
made and the sale is final. If a disqualification is found at the time of pick up your deposit will
be refunded.

Because these are live animals, we have the right to terminate the sale for any reason.  If we
have to terminate the sale we will refund the deposit.


Once a rabbit leaves our hands & is transported by anyone other than us we have no
responsibility whatsoever if something happens to the rabbit in transport. When a rabbit
leaves us it is in the condition agreed upon & in good health. We are not responsible for heat
stoke, illness from other rabbits in the transporters care, illness from being cooped at a show,
broken bones from careless driving or from mishandling in the care of transporter,
transporters breaking down & causing late delivery, a transporter not keeping up with their
end of the deal or any other unforeseen issues with transport that is out of our control.  This
delivery also includes airlines. Once a rabbit leaves us at the check in, we have no control
over anything that may happen to the rabbits. Once on an airplane they can be housed in the
bay of the plane next to a dog or any animal that can stress them out or be mishandled by the
airline or because of any mechanical airline problems.

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Delightful Darlings
Sales Policy
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