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~~~Any bunny that has "pending" or may become available.~~~
If you are interested please let me know & you will be placed on the waiting list.
Pending means we are waiting for a deposit. Sold & still listed means we received a deposit & if not picked up by the agreed upon
time will be offered again per our sales policy agreed upon by accepting our sales policy before viewing this page.
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Rhinelanders for sale!
We will have a blue Jr buck & doe

Mini Rex for sale!
Nothing at this time

Lilacs for sale!
Sr Buck
Out of my ARBA Convention BOB winner she is also a
BIS/RIS winner!

American Fuzzy Lop
for sale!
Solid Sr Buck - Sable Point
2 Broken Sr Doe - Both torts*
Solid Sr Doe - Sable Point
Solid Sr Buck - Blue Tort

Fuzzy Holland Broken Black Jr Doe (See below for picture)

Email us for Pictures or more info!
*1 BSD has 3 GC legs!