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Grand Champion RBB's Jacques ®
8 BRIS wins!
Rest in Peace Jacques,
I love you & will miss you forever.
Grand Champion RBB's Mr Jingles ®
*~*~2008-2009 #2 TOP LOP!!!!~*~*
*~*~2009-2010 #2 TOP LOP!!!!~*~*
1 BIS win
2 BRIS wins
14 Legs
Grand Champion Poole's Jar-Jar®
*~*~2009-2010 #5 Top Lop!!!~*~*
1st place 11/2/09 ARBA Convention, CA
Grand Champion Poole's Bear ®
*~*~2008-2009 #9 TOP LOP~*~*
Double BIS winner
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Delightful's Snoopy AKA "Noopy"
Rest In Peace Noopy 2/5/10 =( You were loved every
day of your life! You were Lauren's all time favorite!
Thanks for the joy you bought to our lives! You will be
missed our little Snoopy! We loved you very much &
always will!
BOS: 10/3/09 Syracuse, NY Show A
Grand Champion Delightful's Pluto
*~*~2009-2010 #1 Top Lop!!!!~*~*
BOS: 11/2/09 ARBA Convention, CA!!!!!
BOS 4/24/10 Lop Nationals
BOB 4/25/10 Day after Nationals
8 Legs
2 BIS win
1 BRIS win
Grand Champion Rascal
*~*~2009-2010 #7 Top Lop!!!~*~*
1 BIS win
Grand Champion
Delightful's Tia

#1 Top Lop 2010-2011
20 BIS wins
4 BRIS wins
30 Legs

BOB/BIS 2011 Nationals
BOB/BIS Day after nationals!
Grand Champion Delightful's Sabastian
#2 Top Lop 2010-2011
8 BIS wins
1 BRIS win
BOS 2011 Nationals!!  24 Legs
Littermate to the amazing Delightful's Tia!
Sabastian was on the front page of the
Domestic Rabbit Magazine!
Gone but not forgotten..... Rest in peace little guys....

You are sadly missed....
Grand Champion Delightful's Ursulina
#6 Top Lop 2010-2011
BOSV 2010 ARBA Convention as a Jr
2 BIS Wins (1 in OPEN all breed)
2 BRIS Wins
16 Legs
Grand Champion Delightful's Theodore
#3 Top Lop 2010-2011
2 BIS Wins
2 BRIS wins
Grand Champion
Delightful's Whatchamacallit
BIS Win & 2nd BRIS win
BOSV 2012 Nationals
8 Legs
Delightful Darlings  
is home of
54 BIS wins
40 BRIS wins
with our
English Lops!

Winning BIS in 6
out of the 9 ARBA

Plus sold rabbits winning many
more BIS & RIS wins we did not
count in the above totals!
The above are wins in our name!
Grand Champion
Delightful's Valentio
BOB/BIS 2012 Lop Nationals 3/31/12
BRIS WMRBA Youth Show A  1/15/12
BIS WMRBA Youth Show B  1/15/12
BIS WMRBA Youth Show C  1/15/12
BRIS Washington State RBA  4/1/12
BIS Taylorsville, NC Show A  4/14/12
18 Legs
Grand Champion
Delightful's True Religion
OPEN BRIS WMRBA Show A   1/15/12
BRIS NC Convention Show A 3/10/12
BIS NC Convention Show C 3/11/12
BIS NC Convention Show D 3/11/12
BIS Taylorsville, NC Show B 4/14/12
22 Legs
Delightful's Vera Bradley
BRIS Charles Town, WV 6/9/12
14 Legs
All Photos Copyright © Delightful Darlings Rabbitry
Delightful's Cyprus
OPEN All Breed Best in Show 11/17/12 as a Jr
RIS open & BOSV 2012 Convention as a Jr
10 Legs
Delightful's Guam
Best in Show 11/10/12 as a Jr
Best in Show 4/6/13
Best in Show 5/4/13
Best in Show 12/7/13
8 Legs
Delightful's Citation
2 BIS wins as a Jr
BOS 2013 Convention as a Jr-
he was shown as a 6/8 but Jr in age!
He has only been to 3 shows!
3 Legs
Delightful's Thunder
4 BRIS wins as a Jr
Grand Champion
Delightful's Flocarline

1st place 2013 ARBA Convention as a Jr-
she was shown as a 6/8 but Jr in age!
1 BIS Win & 3 RIS wins (2 in OPEN)
7 Legs