Lauren took 11 rabbits, 10 placed in the top 10, with 8 placing in the top 4!!!!!
2009 ARBA Convention Del Mar, CA
11/1/09 - 11/5/09
Convention Results

English Lops:

Pluto Takes 1st, BOV & BOS!!!!!!
Jar-Jar 1st
William 2nd
Jingles 2nd
Bear 2nd
*~*Best Breed Display with English Lops!!*~*

Holland Lops:

Petunia takes 1st place!!!!!!!
L&R's Houston 4th!!
Smiles 9th!!
Topaz 21st!
Considering Hollands are a HUGE class this was AWESOME!!!


Maybach takes a 10th
Below are some pictures
from convention...
Delightful Darlings Welcomes 2 beautiful rabbits from Linda & Ron!

L&R's Houston    and    L&R's Sylvia

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much Linda & Ron for all you did for us!
You helped us out with our 1st convention, you picked up Lauren's awards
at the Holland banquet and you let us get from you, 2 absolutely beautiful
sweet Hollands! They are so amazing to say the least! Houston's AMAZING
sire L&R Sedgewick went on to win BOS at convention with Linda & Ron
CONGRATS to you both!

Linda & Ron are 2 of the sweetest people we have ever had
the pleasure of meeting!

thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to bring
these 2 beautiful Holland's back home with us!!!!
Another thank you to the Lop Club of America!

Everyone in the club helped us out & treated us wonderful! Jeannie the
"Queen" gets a HUGE thank you for all she did for us! She picked up 2
strangers from the airport she never met before! I saw the tiara & knew it
was her! I yelled JEANNIE!!! She stopped the car & helped us load up our
huge carriers in the back of the car! She also gave a ride to a NY'er we
know that raises Jersey Woolies!

Our rabbits were just unloaded from the plane! This
was our 1st stop in Salt Lake City!
The bay... On our way to Convention!
Love the streets lined with the palms!
Another shot of the bay...
More of the bay...
The mountains...
Looks like a mud slide waiting to happen!!!
More mountains!
Our Room =)
The Endless Summer Car
Loved the car!
1 more car shot =)
Welcome to the "Hotel California"...
This is sunset in front of our hotel, the headquarters!
Jezzabelle wants to get pet! That's an elop for you!!!
Poole's William, Look at that head! He is amazing.
Show room from the youth Holland Lops.
English Lops are on the BIG BUNS SIDE of the hall!!
The Holland Lop sign =)
The youth judging tables from 1/2 way
down the show room!
1/2 way down the big buns side of the hall, Lauren
is rushing to get to her big eared bunnies!
L&R Houston again, we can't get enough of him!
1 of our 3 new babies, L&R Houston, he is
AWESOME! Houston took 4th in Solid Jr Bucks!
Houston the ham!!!
He LOVES to get his picture taken!
Youth room, look at all of those judging tables! WOW!
L&R Houston Look at that face =)
Guess who!!!!
One of Dereks buns, sound asleep! He is relaxed!
Talk about relaxed!
Pluto needs more leg room!
William thinks he is a Holland!
2 words William: "Summer Ears"!!!
Ahhh the beach!!
The beaches in Jersey do NOT look like this!
I love the grass!!
1 word: GORGEOUS!
The ocean & the mountains! Doesn't get much better!
We're dipping our feet in the Pacific!
The beach park, just so darn beautiful!
This picture speaks for its self!
Hey, we walked by it & said what the heck,
lets take a picture!
All Photos Copyright © Delightful Darlings Rabbitry